Leavings in private transport route to any of our destinies.
- Round-trip transport.
- Complete equipment.
- Service of bilingual tour guide (Mechanic).
- Medical Kit.
- Radio communication.
- Breakfast.
- Snacks and lunch.
- CD and T-shirt as souvenirs.

  • Chacaltaya
  • Coroico
  • Tiwanaku
  • Isla del Sol
  • Copacabana

This is a mountain located in La Paz, Bolivia with a height of 5.421 on sea level, in the Cordillera of Andes. It is 30 km. from La Paz city and very near of Huayna Potosí.

It is the sky field nearest to La Paz, is the unique sky field in Bolivia. Is well know because is the higuest sky field on the world, as well as the nearest to Equator line.

The road to Yungas, is also well know as "Road of Death", is a road of 80 Km. of length roughly, that connects La Paz and Yungas region, to north east of La Paz.

Tiwanaku is the name of a culture that is distinguished because of its decorated architecture with acraps and jerky plans laid over contrails.

Tiwanaku resources were the catle and the agriculture. The archeological place is located in Bolivia (45 minutes from La Paz) and surrounds the Titicaca Lake land. Bolivia. is compound by 7 valuable architectural buildings: Kalasasaya, Subterranean Pavilion, Pyramid of Akapana, Kantatallita, Kerikala, Putuni and Puma Punku.

Isla del Sol

"La Isla del Sol" or “Titicaca Island”, is a bolivian island located in the Titicaca Lake it, belongs to Manco Kapac province, and has a length of 9.6 Km. by 4.6 Km. of wide and a surface of 14.3 km², is the largest island of the lake, its original name is Titikaka Island and for this reason it takes it´s name it means "rock of puma".


In the corresponding part of Bolivia, the Copacabana peninsula its into the Titicaca lake, aproaching to sun and moon islands, antique sacred places for tiwanakotas and inkas.

On this place, to over 3.800 meters over sea level,to an extension of 139 km from La Paz and recumbent over a hill, emerge the cult to "Santisima Virgen de la Candelaria, Nuestra Señora de Copacabana".